ASK ME WHY – Jodi Thomas, Marie Force, Virginia Kantra, Shirley Jump
Jove Books
ISBN: 978-0-515-15538-9
July 2015
Contemporary Romance Anthology

Midnight Bet - Jody Thomas
Matheson Ranch and Harmony, Texas

The Mathesons are an extended family, with most of the members ranchers in the area. The exceptions for that are cousins Rick and Lizzie. Rick is an unmarried bachelor nearing thirty. Lizzie,an orphan raised by her maternal grandmother, has always been the odd one whom most consider as wacky. Both Rick and Lizzie are lonely. One or the other is in danger, but which one?

A fun and charming yet suspenseful tale, Midnight Bet is a total delight, a worthy addition to Ms. Thomas's popular Harmony series.

You'll Be Mine - Marie Force
Autumn in Butler Vermont

The first person New Yorker Cameron Murphey meets upon arrival in Butler was Fred, the town moose. A moose can be a person, can't he? Especially when he's a regular visitor? Cam's next acquaintance is Will Abbott. That meeting will change lives.

You'll Be Mine is a sweet, happy tale of a city girl whose only family is a loving but busy father, and a small town boy surrounded by family.

Wrapped Around Your Finger – Shirley Jump
Florida and Georgia

Though born and raised in Georgia, Maggie McBride was never a Southern Belle kind of girl. She presently resides in Florida where she works in construction, rehabbing houses and businesses. She and Nick Patterson work well together and are good friends. But then Maggie's best friend from home invites her to be maid of honor at her wedding and dares her to bring Nick as her date. Not one to ignore a challenge…

What can the romantic vibes at a wedding do to the relationship between Maggie and Nick?

Carolina Heart – Virginia Kantra
Dare Island

Cynthie Lodge didn't have much of a supportive upbringing, and she made some bad choices when she was young…if they were choices at all. Lately, though, she is making up for them by working hard to support herself and her two daughterswhile getting an education to better herself. She's with her younger daughter's school visit at the aquarium when Hannah wanders off from the group. A nice man reunites them, for which she's grateful, but she has no time to waste on men.

Max Lewisisa teacher of biological oceanography and is doing research at the aquarium. He recognizes Cynthie right off. He had a super crush on her in high school, but she doesn't recognize him. Max isn't surprised; he was a couple of years younger, and a shy braniac, while all the guys wanted her. He thought her beautiful then, but he also saw what no one else did; she was smart and had a kind heart. Can Max finally get Cynthie into his life? I was rooting for him big-time.

Be sure to getASK ME WHY and enjoy these four original and entertaining novellas by four talented authors.

Jane Bowers