AN AMISH COUNTRY CHRISTMAS - Charlotte Hubbard and Naomi King
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3188-8
October 2013
Amish Inspirational Romantic Novellas

The Christmas Visitors - Naomi King

Cedar Creek and Willow Ridge, Missouri Present Day

Brothers Nate and Bram Kanagy have traveled from Cedar Creek to Willow Ridge to Garber's Custom Carriages, where they'll pick up their new vehicles.  In exchange for promising they will not drive Englisch cars during their Rumspringa, their parents bought them each a vehicle of their choice.  (Rumspringa is the Amish word for the "running around time" teenagers are allowed before they commit to the church, and where they can try thing usually forbidden in the Amish tradition.)  Bram chose a courting buggy, thinking it is high time he find that special girl and settle down; and his brother Nate chose a sleigh.  Having just been betrayed by his former fiancée, Nate is not looking to be courting anytime soon.  Once they reach Willow Ridge and the carriage shop, hunger strikes, and the brothers decide to stop at the local mercantile for junk food.  There they stumble across a pretty girl lifting a fifty pound sack of feed.  More beautiful than anyone he's ever seen, Nate can't tear his eyes away from red headed Martha Coblentz.  And likewise, before Nate and Bram can climb back on their horses, Martha is on her cell phone (allowed during Rumspringa) calling her twin sister Mary who henceforth shows up at the carriage shop bearing a plate of cookies on the pretense of taking them to their brother Noah for his break.  Of course, Mary and Martha have to rush to catch Bram and Nate before they leave for Cedar Creek.  Not surprisingly, the boys mistake Mary for her identical twin Martha.  Mary quickly texts her sister to be ready to go for a carriage ride, then she hops into the buggy with Bram, knowing that the boys are in for a surprise when they stop to pick up Martha, who's waiting down the road...

And so begins the courtship of the Kanagy brothers and the Coblentz twins.  Lots of adventure and romance await these young people as they spend time together and meet each other's families.  THE CHRISTMAS VISITORS is a novella which brings us a new story from author Naomi King's Home at Cedar Creek series.  This is a very special story; you will love the characters and their adventures as the Coblentz twins fall in love with the Kanagy brothers!

Kissing The Bishop - Charlotte Hubbard

Willow Ridge and Cedar Creek, Missouri Present Day

Snowed in at Preacher Tom Hostetler's dairy in Willow Ridge, Cedar Creek Bishop Vernon Gingerich; and sisters, Nazareth and Jerusalem Hooley, make the best of their situation.  They help Tom with chores and pass the evenings playing games of Scrabble, consuming hot chocolate, and sharing witty conversation.  This relaxing respite gives the two couples time to get to know each other and bond.  Nazareth and Jerusalem recently moved to Willow Ridge from Pennsylvania after their nephew, Ben decided to marry the owner of the Sweet Seasons Bakery Cafe, Miriam Lantz.  They brought along their small herd of goats that keep them supplied with lots of milk from which they create delicious goat cheeses.  Tom has temporarily offered his barn where Nazareth and Jerusalem can house their goats until they find a place of their own.  In the time that Tom and Nazareth have spent getting to know and like each other, their future is in limbo.  Tom's wife Leah left him, and he is divorced.  Divorce is not recognized by the Amish, meaning that Tom cannot marry again. Even so, Nazareth is just happy being Tom's friend.  When Tom receives news of his ex-wife, he is faced with decisions that will affect his future, and in turn deal with a congregation shocked to learn how these four unmarried adults spend four days together, alone with no chaperone!

AN AMISH COUNTRY CHRISTMAS contains two great novellas by Naomi King and Charlotte Hubbard; one talented author writing under both names.  I have been a fan of the style: Seasons of the Heart series since its beginning, and I look forward to finding Naomi King's back list and reading the Home at Cedar Creek series.

AN AMISH COUNTRY CHRISTMAS is a wonderful and warm Christmas book with lots of delicious recipes at the end.  Enjoy!

Diana Risso