A SOLDIER'S CHRISTMAS – Leslie Kelly, Joanne Rock and Karen Foley
Uniformly Hot! Series
Harlequin Blaze #776
ISBN: 978-0-373-79780-6
December 2013
Contemporary Series Anthology

Present Day

I'll Be Home for Christmas – Leslie Kelly
On the road to Chicago, Illinois

Elle and Rafe were once lovers, but his dedication to a military career and Elle's to becoming a veterinarian caused them to go their own ways. Two days before Christmas they find themselves in the same airport trying to find their way home to Chicago after a snowstorm closes the airport. They agree to share a car for a drive back, and soon the closeness in the drive turns to reawakened desire between them. Will Elle and Rafe be able to make it to Chicago before they're forced to hit the sheets? Don't bet on it in I'll Be Home for Christmas .

Reunited lovers provide the sizzle in this passionate tale from Leslie Kelly. Rafe is still in the service, and Elle is still a veterinarian, but both are single. Once they get the chance to talk it out, both realize the attraction between them still burns bright, as does this sizzling tale.

Presents Under the Tree – Joanne Rock
Las Vegas, Nevada

Old high school friends Dylan and Ari married during a spur of the moment decision several months ago while he was home on leave from the Air Force. He's now back for a few days, and she figures he's arrived to get a divorce, regretting their spontaneous drive-thru wedding. But Dylan lets her know in words—and actions—that he wants to pick up where they left things off. How can a career military man and a Las Vegas show producer make a marriage work with him being gone so much? Does Ari want to even try?

It's Christmas Eve, and the last person Ari expects as she prepares for several holiday shows is Dylan in Presents Under the Tree . As they race around to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, they discuss their marriage and what to do…and rekindle their sexual attraction. When Ari learns Dylan wants to make a go of things, she has to make a decision whether she wants to try also.

If Only in My Dreams – Karen Foley

Still recovering from Dengue Fever in Uganda, Aiden is sent home to the United States with the medic who attended to him—Lily. He's always been attracted to her, but she's always been off limits to him. When Aiden and Lily are stranded in Indiana just before Christmas, they check into a bed and breakfast where the only bed in the room soon leads to their making love. As they grow closer, both wonder if there's a chance they can make a military relationship work.

Being alone on Christmas Eve can be less lonely if you can get a sexy bed partner like Aiden in If Only in My Dreams . Aiden and Lily have worked together for a long time, but he thought she belonged to his buddy. Soon he learns that isn't the case and now he's ready to stake his claim. Do they have a chance for a future together?

All three tales that revolve around the military and Christmas in A SOLDIER'S CHRISTMAS are sizzlers and a perfect way to warm up on a cold night. Grab a blanket and cuddle up for some enjoyable reading.

Patti Fischer