A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER Lisa Kleypas, Lorraine Heath, Megan Frampton, Vivienne Lorret
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-274723-5
October 2017
Four Holiday Historical Romances

I WILL Lisa Kleypas
London 1833
Andrew, Lord Drake lived a hedonistic life until his cold, unloving and dying father disinherited him. Oh, he'd inherit the title and estates, but none of the fortune the earl would pass elsewhere. Drake figures the only chance he has of being reinstated in the will, is to shape up, even to the point of courting a highly respectable lady.
At twenty-six, Miss Caroline Hargreaves is such a one, but she detests Lord Drake for being a bad influence on her younger brother. When he asks her to participate in a sham relationship, she reluctantly agrees after he offers to arrange for keeping her brother from the shady friends and clubs he introduced him to, and to pay his heavy gambling debts when he inherits.
Soon, the two begin the charade. Drake now appears and acts as a gentleman; will Caroline begin to rethink her confirmed spinsterhood?

England, 1858
After mourning the death of his younger brother in the Crimea, Alistair Wakefield, the Marquess of Chetwyn, decides it's time to attempt moving on. To this end, he attends a ball where he is immediately attracted to a young lady named Lady Meredith Hargreaves. He begins a courtship, but gets a delayed letter written by his brother on his deathbed that changes everything. At the time, he needed to break off with Meredith. Now that he is free to pursue her again, she is betrothed to another. What is he to do?

NO GROOM AT THE INN Megan Frampton
England, 1844
Lady Sophronia Bettesford had only her father growing up. While she loved the earl, and they were very close, he was not a good manager. So poor a one in fact, that when he died, Sophronia was left with nothing, not even her house. Her only choice is to move to a cousin's farm where she's expected to take care of his six children and twenty-seven chickens. On the way there by mail coach, she is approached by a very handsome man, Mr. James Archer. Now Jamie, as his mother calls him, possesses a large fortune to go with his looks, but what he doesn't have is any wish to quit traveling the world and settle down, much less marry as his mother begs him to. She wishes him to escort her to a three week house party in the country where several single ladies will be for him to choose from! When he sees an attractive, obviously well born young lady traveling alone, he offers her an attractive deal if she will pretend to be his betrothed for the duration of the party. How will that turn out?

Ivy Sutherland has reached the age of five and twenty and pleased she no longer had to attempt to find a husband. However, her good fiend Lilah must marry a titled gentleman according to her father's will. Ivy accompanies Lilah and her Aunt Zinnia, Lady Cosgrove, to a house party at the estate of the Duke of Vale, who may be looking for a wife. The duke is a scientist of sorts and endeavors to be invited into the Royal Society. He's working at present on a Marriage Formula which will enable one to find his perfect match, thus making unnecessary all the trouble of attending Seasons and courting. Ivy hopes to help Lilah attract the duke. However, the duke notices Ivy instead. What does she do to his Marriage Formula?

A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER runs through romance and humor as each tale develops in this entertaining collection. A worthy addition to holiday reading.

Jane Bowers