SWEET SPOT – Kate Angell
Richmond Rogues , Book 5
Kensington Books
ISBN: 978-0-7582-6918-8
May 2012
Contemporary Romance

Richmond , Virginia – Present Day

It's a wicked night where masked super heroes gather in a nightclub and hookups lead to hot sex. Who'd have thought Captain America and Wonder Woman would find each other so attractive? But when the masks come off…what will happen?

Richmond Rogues star second baseman James Lawless is checking out Club Haunt, a nightclub known for erotic couplings between anonymous patrons who dress up. He's Captain America , and although he's had plenty of offers that night, nothing catches his eye until Wonder Woman steps into his path. James pursues her, fascinated by her and is pleased to learn she responds in kind to him—right into an orgasm for her. But then she panics—disappearing into the night, leaving only her lariat behind. Who is the woman he can't now forget?

Financier Catherine “Cat” May is still new at the firm James is working with, but when she's assigned to accompany him on some business visits, she is stunned to learn that he visited the Haunt and was Captain America . What will he think of her if he realizes that she was Wonder Woman? She can't risk her job—or her heart—at the hands of the devilishly handsome baseball player. But their paths continually cross, and the more Cat tries to steer James from his search for Wonder Woman, the more intrigued he becomes of her. As their friendship turns into something more, will Cat realize that the sizzling attraction between them wasn't a fluke that first night?

James “Law” Lawless is not only a star baseball player, but the heir to a multi-million dollar fortune. After tragically losing his parents at a young age, James was raised by his grandfather and will take over the helm of the company when he retires from baseball. With Cat by his side, they visit various potential investments, such as a dog spa, where they get to know each other better. Yet Cat is tightlipped about herself, which only piques James into digging into her life. Where James was raised an only child by his grandfather, Cat has a huge family who celebrates anything they think deserves it. Family closeness makes James nervous. While he's attracted to Cat, can he force himself to be a part of her family?

Cat is almost embarrassed about her “live for the moment and party hard” family. She's trying to forge a straight-laced career as a financier, which is hard to do as the only woman in the firm. Going to Club Haunt was for business reasons, and she certainly didn't expect to run into a sexy Captain America who had her wanting to rip off her clothes and offer herself to him. Fearful that James will discover the truth, she goes to great lengths hoping he never does. But when she's around him, her panties are nearly lit on fire. James makes her feel out of control and seriously in lust—which for the “always in control” Cat is dangerous territory.

With the release of SWEET SPOT, we reach the end of the Richmond Rogues series about a pro baseball team and its hot, hunky players. As always, Kate Angell delivers up a sexy, laugh out loud tale of boisterous, high testosterone males who meet their match in equally tough women who bring them to their knees. Cat and James have a shared interest in comic books, so it's fitting that they meet dressed as their favorites—Wonder Woman gives Cat a sense of confidence, while for James, Captain America takes him back to a childhood when he was the happiest. Can he duplicate that happiness with Cat? You'll have to find out in SWEET SPOT to learn the answer.

SWEET SPOT hits a homerun in this deliciously fun tale readers won't want to miss.

Patti Fischer