Barefoot William Series , Book 3
Kensington TrPB
ISBN: 978-0-7582-9128-8
May 2014
Contemporary Romance

Barefoot William, Florida Present Day

Construction owner Aidan Cates is attending a local psychic fair with his girlfriend when she drags him over to a seer to get their future told. To their surprise, the pretty psychic exposes his girlfriend as a woman using him to get back at the man she really loves. After Aidan breaks off the relationship, he takes off, bent on cornering the fortune teller to find out exactly how she knew what was going on. She's cagey and manages to slip his grasp, but not for long. She won't tell him her name, but that only makes Aidan even more curious.

Jillie Mac got mistaken for a psychic at the fair and knew she was playing with fire, but after she overhead Aidan's girlfriend's conversation with another man, she had to let him know the truth before he popped the question. She doesn't analyze why she should care, but once the deed is done, she realizes she has some explaining to do to Aidan. Jill is in Barefoot William for a year to work on the new stadium promo, and while attending a get-together at Aidan's sister's house, guess who shows up? The sparks shooting off Jill and Aidan are noticed by everyone around them, even while they both deny the inevitable. They got off on the wrong foot, but soon they'll be playing more than footsie in the sand.

Meanwhile, Aidan's foreman, Mike, immediately shows contempt for Jill's friend Carrie, but their love-hate relationship turns into a slow burn that finally sizzles as they give in to their unlikely attraction. Carrie and Jill only plan to stay in Barefoot William a year, so what will happen with the men they've fallen for?

It's sun, beach, and plenty of romance in Kate Angell's NO SUNSHINE WHEN SHE'S GONE. Jill had a tough time growing up, and while she's doing well now, she has had some help from a family member to get her started. I only mention this because of a big reveal later on in this tale that I don't want to give away, but it ties in with Ms. Angell's Richmond Rogues series, and readers will catch a brief glimpse of characters from that series in NO SUNSHINE WHEN SHE'S GONE. As for Jill, she's one tough chick, yet she couldn't bear to see Aidan taken in by his then girlfriend's duplicity and took action on impulse. She initially regrets what she did, but it certainly got Aidan's attention. There's no looking back now!

Aidan is successful and could have any woman he wants, but suddenly he's intrigued with Jill, the teller of white lies and a thorn in his side. Jill might be a tough cookie on the outside, but inside she is warm and gooey, and all he wants to do is nibble and enjoy being with her. They're well matched, something that surprises both of them. Who'd thought a city girl like Jill would fit well with beach bum turned businessman Aidan? While the sex scenes are short and subtle there is enough pop and sizzle to make it a requirement that you have an icy cold drink handy while reading NO SUNSHINE WHEN SHE'S GONE.

Make NO SUNSHINE WHEN SHE'S GONE a mandatory part of your summer beach reading list.

Patti Fischer