NO ONE LIKE YOU - Kate Angell
Barefoot William Series
ISBN: 978-0-7582-9130-1
May 2015
Contemporary Romance

Barefoot William, Florida - Present Day

With four rambunctious dogs and a busy schedule, it's no wonder baseball star Rylan Cates needs to hire a babysitter to tend to his bunch. Beth Avery applies for the job in Barefoot William while Rylan is there in spring training with his teammates and, after a shaky start with his temperamental Great Dane, she gets the job and moves into his cottage. Beth can't help but notice how sexy Ry is, but she has no intention of mixing business and pleasure, though she's pretty sure he'd show her a good time. Soon it turns out that Ry and Beth are well matched and a zing of attraction forms. How long will it take before they give into the passion?

Ry is a much in demand bachelor, and he has no intention of settling down. However, his love life soon takes a hit because he wants to spend his off time with the deliciously beautiful woman living with him. Not many women would take to his dogs (or they to her) like Beth. Nor can anyone anticipate his needs quite like her. She doesn't talk much about her past, and it appears that once he moves back up north when the baseball season starts she plans to move on herself. To Ry, this sounds okay, but soon he's wondering if he can convince her to stay on…permanently.

It's another trip to Florida in NO ONE LIKE YOU as readers get caught up with the Cates family in the latest tale from the Barefoot William series by Kate Angell. Ry's family has a long history in the town, which is named after a long ago relative. Wherever you turn, there's a Cates family member, and they own most of the town's businesses. His now sister-in-law Jillian helped facilitate the opening of the spring  training facility in town, so he wants to make a good impression on his Richmond Rogues teammates and the media. Getting involved with his live-in dog sitter isn't on his agenda! But Beth, who is a bit of a free-spirit, tugs at his heart and emotions and he soon has full-fledged attraction for her. He shouldn't indulge, but she's so tempting.

Beth has been on the run for several months after a botched wedding event turned into a smear campaign to ruin her reputation and life. She has wandered from town to town with barely enough money to subsist, so she really needs the job caring for the dogs. Ry is strict on what his dogs eat, but not only does she take very good care of them, they soon adore her. Ry can't help but like a woman who loves his dogs. As she settles into life in Barefoot William, her past can't help but sneak up on her. Beth is going to have to deal with this issue before she can find any sort of future with Ry. The first step will be confessing to him her sins, even as readers realize she couldn't control Mother Nature. Along the way, readers catch up with prior characters from the Barefoot William series-and from another Kate Angell series, Richmond Rogues. But NO ONE LIKE YOU can be read as a standalone without any confusion.

Ry has four dogs: the Great Dane called Atlas (and the alpha), a golden retriever named Rue, and two dachshunds named Oscar and Nathan. They are a central part of NO ONE LIKE YOU, so if you love dogs (or just animals in general) then you'll get a kick out of this tale. Add in a bit of baseball action (but not a lot) and NO ONE LIKE YOU is a treat to enjoy and make it one of May's best light-hearted reads.

Patti Fischer