The Sullivans , Book 2
Harlequin MIRA
ISBN: 978-0-7783-1557-5
July 2013
Contemporary Romance

San Francisco, California - Present Day

Marcus Sullivan has always been the responsible one—helping to raise his seven younger siblings after his father died when Marcus was fourteen, he's been the steady, reliable man of the family.  He's the successful owner of a winery and intends to marry his girlfriend of two years whenever she's ready.  Unfortunately, on the day of his brother's engagement party, he realizes Jill will never be ready—she's sleeping with somebody else.  Hurt and angered, Marcus decides to do something totally unlike himself, and he goes to a popular club in San Francisco, looking for a one-night stand.  Someone completely different from the cool, polished Jill.

Most of the world would be shocked to learn that world-famous pop star Nico isn't what she seems.  Well known for her wild and sexy party-girl image, Nicola Harding is actually sitting in her hotel room, lonely and alone with a container of ice cream.  Deciding that if she's going to have a bad-girl image, she might as well have the fun that goes with it, Nicola heads out to a club. 

Both Marcus and Nicola are looking for one night of casual, meaningless sex, but from the moment their eyes meet, what's between them is so much more.

Two people betrayed by those they trust are looking for a little fun, but find both sizzling attraction and true love in FROM THIS MOMENT ON.  Finding Jill in bed with someone else wasn't even the worst of it for Marcus; learning that he's been waiting for her to be ready to marry when she has no intention of doing so is difficult for him to admit.  He doesn't want a relationship, but one night of sex purely for the pleasure of it sounds like the best idea he's had in a while.  Nicola trusted someone she shouldn't have, and his betrayal is a good part of why she has such a wild reputation.  She isn't sure she'll ever be able to trust again, but surprisingly, when she meets Marcus, she instinctively does trust him.

When their one night doesn't turn out quite like they'd expected, Marcus realizes his feelings are stronger for Nicola than he's ready to deal with, and turns down her offer of a second night.  After a couple of days apart, they run into each other again, and both begin to believe that being together is inevitable.  The chemistry between them sizzles, and in spite of their differences, Marcus and Nicola find some common ground that makes a relationship believable.  A sexy, captivating story, look for FROM THIS MOMENT ON.

Jennifer Bishop