FLY ME TO PARADISE – Catherine Andorka
Five Star (Hardcover)
ISBN: 978-1-59414-953-5
March 2011
Contemporary Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

After the sudden death of her husband, Madeline Holt decides to fill the void in her life by using some frozen sperm he left behind to have his child. But a mix-up at the clinic leaves Madeline carrying the baby of another man. Although naturally stunned by the news, one thing is clear: she is not going to get rid of the new life inside her. A meeting with Kurt Williams, the father of her unborn child, has her learning that he is not anything like her late husband...or Madeline. She prefers life to be free of danger or new surprises. Kurt lives life on the edge and loves the thrill of adventure. How can the two possibly agree on raising their child?

Kurt had been stricken nearly five years ago with cancer, which was successfully treated. Since then, he feels life should be challenged and enjoyed. He's an airplane pilot, and if that isn't dangerous enough, he likes to drive fast and do spur of the moment things, such as skydiving for the first time. Kurt is angry at first that his sperm had been mistakenly given to a stranger, but once he meets Madeline, he's intrigued and attracted to her. He wants them to be a family, yet she resists his suggestion. And when he makes attempts to woo her, he always feels rebuffed when she brings up the subject of his hair-raising adventures. Will one have to change to please the other?

Just imagine how you'd feel if you discover that the baby you're carrying is the result of a stranger's sperm? This is what happens in Catherine Andorka's FLY ME TO PARADISE. Madeline runs a successful business and thought she had her life planned out after the death of her husband. She'd raise their child alone, but a mistake puts a wrench in the plans. Angry at first, she's apprehensive about a stranger being part of her and the child's life. Kurt seems like a nice guy, and she admires him for beating cancer, but she can't get past his daredevil ways. Can she convince him to be careful for their child's sake?

Kurt doesn't think Madeline understands about how he feels after licking cancer. Driving fast and jumping out of planes isn't truly death defying when done properly. He just needs to toe the line and convince her down the road how much this means to him. Meanwhile, he's bent on marrying the woman who's pregnant with his child. But his daredevil actions are going to prove to be a huge obstacle.

This is a cute, poignant tale of two strangers brought together by new life and finding love…and a potential for a happily-ever-after. Kurt and Madeline have their own legitimate reasons for their feelings, but one thing they agree on is seeing that their child arrives safely. A warm, feel good romance, give FLY ME TO PARADISE a try.

Patti Fischer