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Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2552
ISBN: 978-0-373-83879-0
November 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Sofia Bingham and Eric Jenner grew up together, as her family worked for his rich family, but they haven't seen each other in years. Eric is a wealthy businessman and is currently interviewing candidates for his office manager position and is stunned when a grownup Sofia walks into his office as one of the applicants. She is now a widowed mother of twins and needs the job desperately to support herself. He's so happy to see her again that he hires right on the spot. But as much as they were friends as children, as adults, Eric and Sofia are attracted to each other.

Things move pretty fast between Eric and Sofia. He has barely hired her when he informs her that she'll need to accompany him on a business trip to St. Louis. Even before they leave town, the sparks between them burst into flames and they kiss. Both know sex will soon follow, but will either one of them stop that from happening? Sofia's first responsibility is her children, and having an affair with a sexy tycoon isn't part of her plans, especially since she could lose her heart to him when he decides to move on. Which means her job could end up in jeopardy. What will Sofia decide?

It's a sexy reunion for Eric and Sofia in TWINS FOR THE BILLIONAIRE and neither suspected it would result in a little romance between them. While Sofia's parents worked for Eric's parents, the two kids played together and were the best of friends. But they lost contact as they got older, and the realization that their friendship has now turned into a sizzling attraction surprises them. Sofia's husband died tragically, leaving her to raise their toddler twins alone, although she gets help from her parents. But she needs money to support herself and her little family, and the job opening at Eric's company is a godsend. Even she is surprised when he offers her the job on the spot. Sofia wants to be hired on her merits, but Eric insists she's the one he wants.

Eric just recently got over being jilted at the altar by his now ex-fiancée and learning that the baby she carried wasn't his. Seeing Sofia again and meeting her beautiful children enchants him. He is intrigued with the idea of making a family with her and her children. But is he just dreaming in hopes of making up for what he lost? Eric dives headfirst into convincing Sofia they can have an affair and it won't hurt their working relationship, but is this going to be proven wrong? Will Sofia and Eric find love—and true happiness—together in TWINS FOR THE BILLIONAIRE?

A romance that is both emotional and sensual, I highly recommend readers pick up a copy of TWINS FOR THE BILLIONAIRE. You won't be sorry.

Patti Fischer
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