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A Perfect 10
Texas Cattleman's Club: After the Storm , Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2354
ISBN: 978-0-373-73367-5
February 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Skye Taylor has been in a coma for months after she was hit during a tornado, during which time she gave birth to her daughter, Grace, and people speculated what happened to the baby's father, Jake Holt. Skye is conscious now, but her memory of the past two years and where Jake is has been wiped out. Grace is being cared for by Skye's sister and Jake's brother, who are now engaged (see BECAUSE OF THE BABY). Skye is about to be released from the hospital, but to everyone's shock, Jake arrives in town, unaware of what happened to her—or that he has a daughter. Turns out they are married and Skye's ready to pick things up where she thinks they left off. But how will Skye react when she learns that they parted on less than amicable terms? In fact, divorce papers were about to be filed.

Jake still feels hurt after Skye abandoned their marriage because he was busy trying to make their lives better even though it meant he was gone for months at a time. They were childhood sweethearts who faced opposition from their respective families after a longtime family feud. Unable to stay away from each other, Skye and Jake ran off together, married, and then settled in Houston. Skye doesn't remember the bad times, only the good, so she thinks they're having a reunion and is ready to start marital relations once again. Jake wants to keep Skye at an arm's length, but it's hard to do when being around her reminds him of how much he wanted her before.

A young marriage unraveled in the face of tension and insecurities in HIS LOST AND FOUND FAMILY. After their final fight before he left for ten months on an overseas job, Skye didn't bother to contact Jake to tell him she was pregnant. She was headed back to Royal—and her family—when she got in the way of a deadly tornado. Her sister, Lark, has stood by her side as their parents reject the reality of little Grace connecting the Taylor and Holt families. Reawakening from the coma to find she had her little girl brings Skye joy and anticipating as to when she can finally raise her child. During HIS LOST AND FOUND FAMILY, Grace remains with Lark while Jake rents a house so that Skye can recuperate and stay close to her doctors. Living with her again stirs up the old feelings and ones he soon can't deny. But their relationship could turn perilous if she remembers the breakup of their marriage.

It's all about Skye and Jake finding their way back to their love in HIS LOST AND FOUND FAMILY. With most of the scenes in this tale between them, there's plenty of sex as they give in to the lust again. Part of  The Texas Cattleman's Club: After the Storm , readers catch up on a few characters, but HIS LOST AND FOUND FAMILY can easily be read as a standalone. Skye and Jake's journey is emotional, and readers will surely get caught up in it as I did and root for them to succeed in finding love again. It's this emotion that tugs at the heart and makes it a Perfect 10 for me. I highly recommend you read HIS LOST AND FOUND FAMILY to see for yourself.

Patti Fischer
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