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HIS FOREVER FAMILY – Sarah M. Anderson
Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2425
ISBN: 978-0-373-73438-2
February 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Billionaire businessman Marcus Warren is a hard driven venture capitalist and fortunate to have a personal assistant who works as hard as he does. One day while Marcus and his P.A., Liberty Reese, are out jogging and working (yes, he makes her work that hard), they come across an abandoned newborn. The authorities are called and take care of the infant boy, but Marcus and Liberty have become invested in what happens to him. What surprises Marcus the most is the intense emotional reaction Liberty has to the boy, which she names William.  Her maternal response to William has Marcus suddenly finding himself interested in her.

What Marcus isn't aware of is that Liberty hasn't been truthful with him about her past. While it shouldn't affect their working relationship, it can affect anything personal that comes up between them. Marcus has been coerced into attending his ex-girlfriend's wedding in California and he wants Liberty to be his date. She resists at first, but finally agrees. Will any personal involvement turn out to be a mistake, especially since there's a simmering attraction between them?

Liberty's past involves being the daughter of a drug addict who used her body to get her next hit. After her mother died, Liberty ended up in the foster care system as her father was unknown, only that he was a white man, while Liberty's mother was black. Liberty has hidden her biracial past from others because she felt it would help her career to be known as white. Marcus doesn't know about her past, but will it turn him off if he finds out?

Marcus comes from a prominent family that has pretty much dictated to him what he should do. He has grown to resent this, and he sort of broke away from his parents when he started his own successful business. Yet, even though he's now a grown man, his parents continue to twist and turn his arm to get him to do what they want, like attend the wedding of his ex to prove he's over her. If they find out he's attracted to Liberty, will they see it as the ultimate betrayal to get involved with the hired help? Meanwhile, Liberty and Marcus continue to see little William…are they headed for an adoption? If so, will this mean they'll get married?

In HIS FOREVER FAMILY, a couple with disparate backgrounds discover a common cause in an abandoned baby. This connection between them gives rise to an attraction neither expected. Marcus wants Liberty, and it takes plenty of wooing before she finally gives into the sizzling passion. HIS FOREVER FAMILY is an unusual and intriguing tale that readers will surely enjoy as much as I did. Grab this gem before it's off the shelves.

Patti Fischer
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