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First Family of Rodeo , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2586
ISBN: 978-1-335-97146-3
April 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Dallas, Texas – Present Day

Rodeo mogul Oliver Lawrence grudgingly runs his family's company from Dallas, as they're deep into rodeo promotion. He'd rather be in New York City and hates the rodeo but doesn't have a choice, since his father has decreed that the company will embrace the sport. Oliver and his sister have been friends with the Preston siblings since they were all children, but he's surprised when Renee Preston shows up in his office one day. She's looking for his sister, Chloe, who is out of town, and she's wanting a place to hide out from the paparazzi. Oliver hasn't paid much attention to the news lately, but her family is currently involved in a financial scandal that has dubbed her the Preston Pyramid Princess—and she's four months pregnant!

Renee is innocent of any wrongdoing, but her father, brother, and late husband all were guilty. Her mother skipped the country with much of the money, leaving poor Renee to face the press. She came to Dallas looking for refuge, but without her best friend in town, it's up to Oliver to help her. He agrees and whisks her off to his ranch, where she throws herself into something she's never done before…baking cookies…and discovers an attraction to him. She's mired in a scandal, and the last thing he needs is to be involved in another one. But the desire each feels for the other soon turns into fiery hot passion. Will it turn out to be a fling only?

Oliver always thought of Renee as a “tagalong sister” because his friendship was mostly with her brother, Clint. But he agrees to hide her because Clint asks her to and Chloe isn't available. Renee intrigues Oliver. She's a widow, pregnant and the paparazzi's prime target as she makes for good (and scandalous) stories. As they spend time together, they grow closer, but underlying their friendship is a sizzling awareness of each other. She's four months pregnant with another man's child, but he finds her sexy—and desirable. Renee has low self-esteem, but once she gets into Oliver's kitchen, and later his bed, she grows in confidence. Theirs is a beautiful passion, but she considers herself damaged goods. She doesn't want to bring down his company if it's discovered they're having a sexual relationship. Can Oliver convince Renee that he doesn't care, that he only wants her?

HIS BEST FRIEND'S SISTER is tinged with some humor as Renee's cookie baking adventures don't run smoothly. There are also some sexy hot scenes as they make love, which only adds to the red-hot passion that flows between them. Renee is a sympathetic heroine that readers will be rooting for. Oliver certainly feels the same way, and he wants to protect and cherish her. But she pushes him away, not wanting to be a burden. Their story will make readers smile and cheer them on.

A tale full of emotion and passion, don't miss HIS BEST FRIEND'S SISTER.

Patti Fischer

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