HIS SON, HER SECRET – Sarah M. Anderson
The Beaumont Heirs , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2398
ISBN: 978-0-373-73411-5
September 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Denver, Colorado – Present Day

For a year Byron Beaumont has stayed away from Denver due to the memories of the woman who betrayed him. Now his wealthy family has called him back home, needing his help as a chef to start up a new restaurant that will feature the family's beer. Yet, when they need a competent designer, it's his old flame, Leona Harper, whom Byron turns to. Without giving the company she works for his name, he lures her to the restaurant site where the moment he lays his eyes on her the old feelings come back. But can there be something between Byron and the daughter of the man who is bent on destroying his family?

Leona has tried to forget Byron, but it's hard to do when she gave birth to his son…something she has not yet told him about. She knows she made a mistake in not telling him who her father was, but falling in love with him had her hesitating. When Byron did find out about the family connection, he not only walked out of her life, but left for overseas. She was heartbroken because she never had a chance to tell him about her reasons for not telling him the truth…or that she was pregnant. She knows she has to tell him about their son, but worries he'll try to take their child away from her.

Love makes you do crazy things sometimes, and that is what happened to Leona and Byron in HIS SON, HER SECRET. She knew her father was the Beaumont family's biggest enemy and hated by each other. Byron likely would've turned his back on Leona, but their crazy attraction for each other made her hide the truth. An instant, explosive relationship followed, only to find Leona literally dragged away by her father. Byron was stunned to learn who she was—and felt betrayed. But his betrayal is even greater when he discovers by accident that she had his son. Can he convince her that he is not like his father, a man who showed no compunction in gaining custody of his children? All Byron wants is a chance to be a part of his son's life. But will that also include Leona?

Byron and Leona are caught up in the web of their family's feuds. She has escaped from her father's clutches, but knows that if he learns about Byron being back in town—and in their son's life—that he might try to claim she is an unfit mother and sue for custody. The man is that dastardly. On the other spectrum is her fear that Byron will try to do the same thing after she kept the birth a secret. She feels like a woman caught in a spider web, not sure who is friend or foe. Byron doesn't totally trust Leona after she not only kept her identity a secret, but his son from him. She has had her fill of men who want to tell her what to do. Yet there's no denying the sizzling hot attraction that burns between Leona and Byron.

Part of a series about a family raised by a dysfunctional billionaire who is now dead, HIS SON, HER SECRET is the fourth tale featuring the Beaumont brothers. Yet the family feud between the Beaumonts and Leona's father still lives on. Is there any chance Leona and Byron can climb the obstacles thrown in their paths by the family feud? An intriguing tale, I highly recommend HIS SON, HER SECRET for your next reading pleasure.

Patti Fischer