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The Beaumont Heirs, Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2405
ISBN: 978-0-373-73418-4
October 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Denver, Colorado – Present Day

Socialite Frances Beaumont has watched her family's brewery business be taken over by a conglomerate and being run by Ethan Logan. She has continued to keep ties with the employees, who are hostile toward Ethan, and one day she visits with a box of donuts. Of course, she is also a woman on a mission as she learned through the grapevine that he is planning to get rid of the old office furnishings and she wants to be the one to get the job of appraising them. Sparks fly the moment Frances and Ethan meet...and he asks her out on a date. Ethan and Frances are fiery together, and after one date it leads to a proposition by Ethan: pretend to be in love and get married. She would provide him with the Beaumont connection, and she would get the money from him to invest in an art gallery. Frances agrees, with her own stipulations, one of which is there be no sex between them. But their crazy chemistry together may make that hard to avoid.

Frances is seen as the spoiled heiress by many, but she wants to find her own niche in society and sees the art gallery as one way to do it. Her own family won't help her, but by working for Ethan—and later agreeing to marry him—she hopes to achieve her goal. Being around him leaves her feeling out of control, which is something one shouldn't do around a man as sexy as Ethan. Is Frances crazy for agreeing to marry Ethan? After her family lost the brewery, she felt lost and penniless, with the only thing left her social standing in Denver society. By marrying Ethan she brings her social status to the marriage, while she gains the funds for her gallery. But will a marriage proposed in the boardroom end up being decided in the bedroom?

As part of the Beaumont heirs—the offspring of the late Hardwick Beaumont—Frances is considered the flighty one. She loves to party and have a good time, but with a reduction in fortune comes the limitations. In FALLING FOR HER FAKE FIANCE, readers will see behind the party loving façade that she presents to the world and discover a woman who only wants to be loved for herself and what she can achieve. Ethan sees his marriage to Frances as similar to that of his own parents, where they each live their own lives. He thought the “no sex” part would be easy, but soon finds himself lusting hotly after Frances. Their chemistry is combustible, so will it explode into a fiery passion?

Though part of The Beaumont Heirs series by Sarah M. Anderson, FALLING FOR HER FAKE FIANCE could be read as a standalone even though her brothers do pop into some scenes on occasion. The Beaumont family is large, and readers will be pleasantly surprised there are more sibling tales to be told.

Frances and Ethan thought they knew how to plan a fake marriage, but they're both in for a surprise in FALLING FOR HER FAKE FIANCE when they fall in love. They try to resist their feelings, but much like readers, they're in for a pleasant surprise.

Patti Fischer

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