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Dynasties: The Newports , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2470
ISBN: 978-0-373-73483-2
September 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Billionaire dairy farmer Josh Calhoun has been friends with the Newport brothers for years, so when they ask him to step in and offer his opinion in an inheritance dispute, he agrees. The moment he arrives, he walks into the middle of an argument between the Newports and Winchesters about Sutton Winchester, a rascally billionaire who has cancer. The woman in the middle trying to keep the peace turns out to be none other than Josh's old friend and adversary, Lucy Wilde. She is now Dr. Lucinda Wilde and one of Chicago's top cancer specialists. Lucy and Josh had a falling out years ago, but now he wants to rekindle the friendship…and perhaps into something more.

As a much in demand cancer doctor, Lucy has little time for relationships, and as Sutton's doctor, she is involved in making sure he gets the best care. His family wants to move him home, where they can provide a medical setting, but the siblings – Eve, Nora and Grace Winchester, plus their recently discovered half-sibling, Carson Newport, are at odds over the plan. Having Josh around distracts Lucy, because it brings back the memories of a time when she was attracted to him. However, things did not go as she expected back then, and they ended up exchanging harsh words. Now all grown up, Josh is seemingly on a mission to woo Lucy to his bed. But he lives in Iowa, and her home is in Chicago. Why get involved if it can lead nowhere?

Josh lived in Chicago years ago, but after having married and losing his wife, the city has bad memories for him. But he values his friendship with the Newports and agrees to stay for a few days. Josh uses the time to pursue Lucy, even if things started out as a plan to rekindle their friendship. Yet, the more he's around her, the more he feels attracted to her. But when he gets the chance to make love to her, he discovers something about her that has him reeling. Is it enough to keep him away from her?

Lucy used the death of her high school boyfriend as a catalyst to becoming a doctor and providing the best care patients can get. Some might say that Lucy is married to her career, but even she yearns for some male companionship at times. Josh's attention throws her for a loop, because she remembers what drove them apart. She also knows that long distance romances don't work, and she has no plans to leave Chicago. Meanwhile, Lucy is dealing with caring for Sutton Winchester and handling his children, who make many demands on her time. The illness and the messy semantics of Sutton's life as a cutthroat businessman and absent father is the basis for the latest: Dynasties series. Carson Newport wants a stake in the company, while the Winchester sisters want to keep him out.

It's a reunion romance for Lucy and Josh in CLAIMED BY THE COWBOY as they get to know one another again. Josh didn't expect that he'd fall for Lucy, but can they make it work out? Find out in the intriguing CLAIMED BY THE COWBOY by Sarah M. Anderson.

Patti Fischer
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