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Billionaires and Babies
The Beaumont Heirs, Book 8
Harlequin Desire #2505
ISBN: 978-0-373-83832-5
March 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Denver, Colorado and Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Two years ago, billionaire political operative Daniel Lee smeared Christine Murray's name in an election campaign when her conservative Christian father ran for office. Her father lost, and Christine, who was pregnant, ran off to Denver to raise her infant daughter. But now her father plans to run again, and his head campaign staffer wants to bring Christine back to Missouri to have her repent her sins and prove her father was right in scorning her two years ago. The campaign manager contacts Daniel to help in the process, but he turns them down. Instead, Daniel goes after Christine in order to protect her.

Christine has never forgiven her father for dragging her name in the mud after she became pregnant without a wedding ring on her finger. The resulting publicity even scared away the baby's father. She has made a new life in Denver, but the news of her father running again has her scared. When Daniel comes to her and offers to help her, she turns him down. But her mind is changed when her name is once again in the media and the press starts hounding her. Accepting Daniel's help, Christine and her daughter, Marie, are whisked off to Chicago, where they hide out in plain sight. Marie, and Christine, soon grow very fond of Daniel. But once the brouhaha is over, can everyone go back to their old lives?

BILLIONAIRE'S BABY PROMISE, part of The Beaumont Heirs series by Sarah M. Anderson, is an intriguing read given the current political situation, and provides an insight into those smeared by lies and innuendo. Christine was never close to her devout Christian father, who has a cult following, and she had hoped to steer clear of and stay out of his campaign. Instead she was used as fodder by the opponent to prove why her father wasn't fit to be in a political office. This unleashed the wrath of her father and drove Christine even farther away. She remains basically alone, with few close friends, raising and doting on Marie. Daniel was behind the scenes as part of the smear campaign after he was hired by the opposition. But guilt is now eating at him.

The moment Daniel walks into the bank where Christine works, he is blown away by her beauty and vulnerability. Despite her initial refusal of his offer to help, Daniel goes ahead and does some covert investigating behind her back, and he knows that soon all hell will break loose. When it does, it is he who comes to the rescue of Christine and Marie. While he can't put his finger exactly on why he cares (other than a guilty conscience), he is about to discover an attraction that nearly floors him. But before he can give his heart, he needs to come clean to Christine about the secrets he's holding close . . . or he'll never have her love.

An emotional tale of trust, love, and finding happiness, don't miss BILLIONAIRE'S BABY PROMISE.

Patti Fischer
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