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Texas Cattleman's Club: Lies and Lullabies
, Book 6
Harlequin Desire #2439
ISBN: 978-0-373-73452-8
April 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Kept under her overprotective brother's thumb, Violet McCallum sneaked out one night to a town several miles away for a night of fun. While there, she met “Ben” and had a passionate one night stand with him. She walked away, never forgetting about her masterful lover, and thought she'd never see him again. Four months later, as much as she wants to deny it, she finally has to admit the nausea and other signs point to her being pregnant. Just as she confirms it, her brother comes into the house they share to introduce her to his one-time friend…Ben, her former lover. Only, his name isn't really Ben.

Sheikh Rafiq “Rafe” bin Saleed wasn't in the Royal area to pick up beautiful women, but rather, he was scoping out his nefarious plot to buy out land around the McCallum ranch and squeeze out Mac McCallum. He didn't know Violet was Mac's sister when they met that night, but the sparks that flew between them are not forgotten. He's shocked to learn her real identity, just as she is about his. Rafe is visiting Mac and pretending to have forgiven him for what he sees as unforgiveable past transgression. Rafe's plan is going as planned, but with Violet announcing her pregnancy to him, how will the news impact everything?

An unplanned pregnancy puts a wrench into a sheikh's plan for revenge in A SURPRISE FOR THE SHEIKH. Rafe created a company that acted as a front for him and spent untold millions of dollars buying up land in Royal. This caused quite a stir as people wondered who was behind it. Rafe went to college with Mac, but their friendship ended when Rafe's sister was found in Mac's bed. His father banished both Rafe and his sister and, since that time, Rafe has vowed to get back at Mac. Rafe didn't expect to meet Violet and have these intense feelings for her. They barely made it to the hotel room before they were naked…

For Violet, an unplanned pregnancy with a man who lied about his true identity has her reeling. He's rich and has made it clear he wants to be part of their child's life. Does Rafe plan to sue for custody? She has been coddled and protected all her life and the thought of having a baby is shocking at first, but soon she realizes she will fight for control of her baby…and her life. But despite her anger at Rafe for his deception, they can't stop the passionate attraction that fires up whenever they're around each other. Meanwhile, Rafe is continuing his secret takeover…will he succeed, only to lose Violet?

A SURPRISE FOR THE SHEIKH finally reveals the secret identity of the person behind Samson Oil, which has been buying up land in Royal and been the subject of speculation throughout the Texas Cattleman's Club: Lies and Lullabies . But this is not the end of the series, as two more books are to be released.

Will Violet and Rafe find a happily-ever-after despite the obstacles in front of them? Grab a comfy chair and find out the answer in the riveting A SURPRISE FOR THE SHEIKH.

Patti Fischer
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