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A MAN OF PRIVILEGE – Sarah M. Anderson
Harlequin Desire #2171
ISBN: 978-0-373-73184-8
July 2012
Series Romance

Pierre, South Dakota – Present Day

Determined to get ahead and seeing a chance to score points nationally by taking down a crooked judge, judicial attorney James Carlson needs Maggie Eagle Heart's deposition to nail the man. As the son of two prominent figures, James is destined for political office, and one day, the presidency. But first he has a big job to complete. James is surprised by his reaction upon meeting Maggie. One of the rules of being a criminal lawyer is that you don't get involved with witnesses or it could compromise the investigation. But James can barely tamp down the intense sexual attraction for Maggie, despite her “don't touch” attitude. If James gives into his desire for Maggie, he not only faces having to give up his job, but his aspirations for the White House.

Maggie isn't afraid to admit her past hasn't been clean. She used drugs and was a prostitute, but she put that all behind her years ago and began a new life. Her one big fear (and one she can't put behind her) is that Leonard Low Bear will find her and kill her for what he sees as her betrayal. Maggie learns that Low Bear is in prison and James promises her that he'll make sure she has advance notice if the man is released. While she's a proud Lakota, she's well aware that she and James travel in different circles. To get involved with him would not only bring up her painful past, but destroy his promising career. Yet, passion soon gets out of control between them.

James has to choose between his career and the woman he falls in love with in A MAN OF PRIVILEGE. His parents have planned his path for most of his life, but instead of a safe job in Washington, D.C. where he can make a name for himself, he decides to take on a job in South Dakota. Part of his circle of friends is his old girlfriend, Rosebud Armstrong (A MAN OF HIS WORD, December 2011), who connects him with Maggie. The force of the instant attraction he feels for Maggie rocks him off his feet, yet he's well aware getting involved with a witness is career suicide and jeopardizes his case. But one thing leads to another, and the lust cannot be denied. Will the truth come out, and will it ruin his future plans? And is there any way that a former drug addicted prostitute could be part of it?

In A MAN OF PRIVILEGE, Sarah M. Anderson has given readers a heroine who is not like most romance novel characters who star in their own books. Maggie has put the past behind her and prefers it to remain there, especially since coming out of the closet (so to speak) could expose her to Low Bear's wrath, even though he's in prison. Maggie takes tentative steps forward, but the force of her desire for James has her stumbling, making her put up barriers again. He's attractive, well heeled and well connected. What in the world does he see in her? Slowly and surely, James breaks down her barriers, including taking her on a trip to Washington.

Passion explodes between a couple with disparate lives and futures. Can James and Maggie make things work and bring down the crooked judge? Will Low Bear remain behind bars, never to harm Maggie again? For a compelling, fast paced tale that will keep you spellbound, pick up A MAN OF PRIVIELEGE before it's off the shelves and see why for yourself.

Patti Fischer
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