Pocket Books
ISBN: 978-1-45162-363-5
December 2011
Contemporary Romance

Barringer's Pass, Colorado Present Day

With the town invaded by the press due to a reality television show filming (think Jersey Shore with snow), the bars are filled with lively characters, including one of the stars of the show (and local resident), Rafael De Luca. Unfortunately for Maggie Larkin, Rafael is a jerk, so when she forcibly rejects his advances, the press is all over it like a dog after a bone. When Oklahoma City cop Cal Drummond sees what is happening, he rescues her before Rafael's security goon can lay a hand on her. Of course, Maggie thinks she can take care of herself, while Cal insists she's now in trouble. He informs her that he's investigating Rafael for murder, and Maggie might now be the next victim. She doesn't believe him, because right now she has more important things to worry about, such as her image as an upstanding and successful local businesswoman, being destroyed by Rafael's handlers.

Cal is a man on a mission. His half-sister, Julie, was one of Rafael's alleged victims, and he is bound and determined to prove that this rich, spoiled playboy is the culprit. Unfortunately, with daddy's money and the press twisting things around, it's going to be tough proving his case. When Cal 's other half-sister, Amber, ends up in town, Cal has two females to protect, including Maggie, whom he's keeping an eye on and becoming attracted to. Can he find the goods on a murderer and win the heart of Maggie?

What a funny, enjoyable tale SILVER SPARKS is! The author, Starr Ambrose, is new to me, but she has now caught my eye. Maggie was raised in a commune and when she became an adult, she really let it loose. She soon realized her mistake and now has spent years trying to prove to the folks of Barringer's Pass that she isn't a slut. Her confrontation with Rafael only sets things back, especially with the De Luca people feeding tales to the press about her. Her business is literally crumbling around her. Add in Cal, who thinks her life is in danger and who is seriously sexy, and Maggie soon finds herself being pulled in ways she hadn't expected.

Cal 's life growing up was seriously flawed, and he admits he was a bad brother in not keeping in touch with his half-sisters, but that changed the day Julie died. Now with his mother pretty much abandoning Amber to him, he's a father figure to a sixteen-year old he barely knows. But regardless of the obstacles tossed in front of him, Cal is determined to prove Rafael De Luca is a cold-blooded killer.

SILVER SPARKS has nonstop action and hops from scene to scene, which are mostly between Maggie and Cal. The sparks fly instantly between them, but it's hard to act upon them with the press and a sixteen-year old around. Yet they finally do, and when it happens, it will have you wanting an icy cold drink nearby. Energetic and fun, I highly recommend readers put SILVER SPARKS on their next book shopping trip.

Patti Fischer Sil