GOLD FIRE Starr Ambrose
Pocket Books
ISBN: 978-1-4516-2364-2
December 2012
Contemporary Romance

Barringer's Pass, Colorado Present Day

Former Olympic skiing star Jase Garrett has been content the past few years laying low in Barringer's Pass running his bar and letting the world pass him by. One day, Zoe Larkin from the neighboring resort, Alpine Sky, shows up in his bar with an offer that is almost too good to be true. The resort is offering him an insane amount of money to sell his property to them so they can build a golf course. But money means nothing to Jase, and he turns Zoe down. But Zoe is persistent, and when someone attempts to burn his bar down, she should be Jase's first suspect. Yet by this time he's become attracted to her, even if she is as prickly as a pear.

Zoe has remained in the town she grew up in despite the bad girl reputation obtained when she was a teenager. She now vows to walk the line and never do anything to besmirch her character again. But Jase tempts her in ways that are hard to resist, despite his surly bad ass attitude toward her and Alpine Sky. While she may have a job to do, she still finds it hard to stay away from the one man who makes her want to throw her good girl panties into the fire and enjoy some pure bad boy bliss.

When Zoe is accused of setting Jase's bar on fire, she feels helpless. She's worked hard to get where she's at and now they are throwing her former bad girl reputation in her face. Whenever she and Jase are in the same room, they're practically nose to nose, yet they aren't ever far from locking lips. For the work-motivated Zoe, getting involved with the laidback Jase who doesn't appear very ambitious seems very unlike her. Yet there is no denying the sizzling attraction between them even if they're polar opposites. Zoe's new boss is also interested in her, so for a woman who barely has had time to date in the past, she now has two potential men in her life. But it is with Jase she feels the telltale tingles every time they're together.

After a tragic accident that killed his best friend, Jase has buried himself away from life, the bar being the one reason he gets up every day. He has helped provide a job for his late friend's widow, Jennifer, and father, Russ, and he wouldn't sell the bar and give them no way to support themselves. Of course, Jase ignores the fact that he feels guilty over his friend's death. But it is Zoe who brings Jase back to life. Their fiery encounters have him suddenly realizing how static he's become. Zoe might talk the good girl stuff, but she's a heady aphrodisiac to a sexually starving man. Passion soon flares between them, but even if the sex is good, Jase has to wonder if he's lost his mind, especially when the evidence points to her being the arsonist.

Starr Ambrose does a wonderful job of mixing together erotic with sweet romantic comedy to come up with GOLD FIRE. Both Zoe and Jase have let their pasts rule their current lives, but once thrown together they're like pure octane.  They're at loggerheads with each other, but their encounters are as comedic as they are passionate, and their chemistry is sizzling hot. Add in a bit of a mystery as to who is out to ruin both Jase's business and Zoe's life, and readers are in for some pure reading fun with GOLD FIRE.

Patti Fischer