LAWYER UP Kate Allure
Meeting Men Series, Book 2
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN-13:  978-1-492-60235-4
August 2015
Contemporary Erotic Romance Anthology

Attorney-Client Privilege
Los Angeles, California

Jon Batemen is with a prominent legal firm in Los Angeles, but the partners have clearly stated he needs to start doing some pro bono work.  So he goes to the nearest holding cell looking for a client, (mostly women brought in for prostitution) to quickly settle a case and look good for the partners.  Somehow he is attracted to Bethi-Ann Sikes, a wanna-be actress, who is just now figuring out the many years she's tried to be an actress and a waitress on the side aren't working.  Before Jon comes in, she decides acting is never going to be a success and tries to think what steps she can take next.  There was a fight in front of her diner at midnight the night before, and as her work uniform was sexy and one of her sky high heels broke, she was dragged in to jail along with the other working girls.

For some reason Jon goes with Bethi-Ann as a client, little knowing she has no money. Her roommate promptly kicks her out for being two months behind in the rent and pawns all her stuff.  What else can Jon do but let her stay with him in exchange for cooking and cleaning?  As Bethi-Ann tries to get her life together, Jon is trying, and failing, to keep things between them casual.  Jon is enthralled, and Bethi-Ann is determined to be a person he can be proud of.  This is a cute rags-to-riches story everyone will love.

Of Unsound Mind and Body

Elizabeth Jensen is in town for the dedication of her late Great-Aunt Elizabeth's home as a new museum.  Since the 1880's, their family has had a working farm, and with her Great-Aunt's death the year before it has just been made a museum.  While standing at the dedication, she spots a man she's never seen before, especially since it's such a small town she knows almost everyone.  After the ceremony she goes to see the family lawyer to sign the last papers to complete the estate, but the lawyer, Franklin Ross, isn't there, and the hunky man at the ceremony is, Franklin Ross, Jr.  Life for Elizabeth has been flat and boring lately, but Franklin definitely puts excitement back in her mind.

Since Elizabeth lives across the country, can she and Franklin continue an affair destined to only be for a couple days, or will their regular lives interfere with anything long lasting?  Sometimes patience can pay off in a big way.

Of Writs and Writhing
New Orleans, Louisiana

Pat Laroque has a legal case before the Playboy Judge of Orleans, Judge Emmit Stockard.  Opposing counsel is Candice Morgan, a blond bombshell willing to use any lure to take advantage of the Playboy Judge.  The Judge is sexy and a hunk, despite being in his fifties.   Can Pat do a makeover to herself and get the Judge to see her as a woman, because her case isn't the strongest.

Emmit notices the two lawyers dressing more sexily and talking with more innuendos as the case goes on, and while he prefers Pat, most of his rulings are for Candice, because her case is stronger.  Can the strict and by-the-book Pat come to a negotiated settlement without having to be the winner and finally get the partnership she's waited so long for?  What erotic things can the Playboy Judge think to do to her in his locked courtroom with his judge's robes on?  A refreshing tale of two characters not in the first bloom of youth make this an exhilarating story.

Lawyers are a different breed, and LAWYER UP presents us with three stories that will give us all a great evening of reading.

CeCe Johns