POSSESS ME - R.G. Alexander
Berkley Heat (Trade Paperback)
ISBN: 978-0-425-23528-7
August 2010
Erotic Paranormal Romance Anthology

New Orleans - Present Day

Three tantalizing tales revolving around Bone Daddy, a voodoo spirit that fulfills every sexual fantasy a woman could ever dream of.

Release Me

Coming to New Orleans to heal seems like a good idea to Allegra Jarrod, but she never imagines in her wildest dreams that the gorgeous man who runs the little cafe would capture her heart completely. Why would such a hottie want anything to do with a woman with scars and a cane? She soon learns that there's more to Rousseau than meets the eye. If what her friend Michelle is telling her is true then Rousseau is possessed by a sex loa named Bone Daddy, a kinky spirit who wants, needs, and craves sex.

Can she find a way to free Rousseau from Bone Daddy's possession?

Reclaim Me

Michelle is in love with Benjamin Adair but runs from him every chance she gets. Then Bone Daddy steps in, possessing her, and Michelle's fantasies of her and Ben come to life. Oh my gosh! Ben is sexy as sin, has a devilish glint in his eye and isn't afraid of showing Michelle exactly where she belongs...in his arms forever. Ben has been in love with Michelle since they were children and their mamma's began matchmaking. When Bone Daddy decides to play, it's gonna be a hot, torrid, bumpy ride.

Can they both take it?

Redeem Me

On All Saint's Eve, spirits become flesh and blood which means Bone Daddy has a body and can do whatever with whomever he wants. And what he wants is Bethany, a woman who reminds him of a woman he once loved and lost. Passion ignites and soon Bone Daddy is wanting more than this one day. Unfortunately it's not to be...or is it? Can Bethany find a way to keep the man she's fallen for in her life or will he fade away to nothingness right before her eyes?

Can the others help this couple find their happily-ever-after?

Mmm....mmm....mmm! What's not to like about a voodoo loa spirit who's all about sex and nothing else? In POSSESS ME, readers meet Bone Daddy and find out if he's after more than satisfaction or not. For a guy who hasn't had an orgasm in seven years, I would say he's about due. How about you? Grab your copy of POSSESS ME today and find out what R.G. Alexander has in store for Bone Daddy and the others.

Sinclair Reid