GIVE IN TO ME - Lacey Alexander
A H.O.T. Cops Novel
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-23914-3
January 2013
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Miami, Florida - Present Day

Lawyer April Pediston is meeting a client in a club in South Beach when the client's probably abusive husband arrives and causes a scene.  Rescue comes—unwarranted—from a hot guy sitting at the bar, who drags April out when the client's husband turns his wrath on April.  Once in the alley outside the bar, the sexy stranger pulls April in for a sizzling kiss, and when she tries to pull away, he holds her even tighter.  Her brain is telling her to run, but her body is turned on by the way he controls her.

After getting his heart broken, police officer Rogan Wolfe moved to Miami and decided to not risk his heart again—one-night stands only from now on.  Yet, the steamy kisses with the woman he's dubbed Ginger have Rogan fixated on her.  When she shows up while Rogan is trying to avoid being caught by the man he's investigating, Rogan once again throws caution to the winds and pulls Ginger—who finally introduces herself as April—into another steamy encounter.  She still struggles against his control, but Rogan figures out that the game turns her on as much as it does him. 

For a woman who does pro-bono work with abused women, April finds it difficult to reconcile her enjoyment of being restrained.  In the moment, she falls under the spell of Rogan and his actions, but afterwards she just wants to escape the truth of her desires.  Isn't it wrong to like this?

In GIVE IN TO ME, April is a woman who lost her parents as a teen and helped to raise her two younger sisters after their death.  As an adult, she's taken a job that will help all of them financially, and, in spite of the fact that her sisters are old enough to take care of themselves, April still helps them out.  She is the person that others depend on, not just with family, but at work, too, and her personal life has suffered for it.  She's shocked by how turned on Rogan makes her feel, and she struggles quite a bit with this new side of herself that she's discovered.  Rogan has indulged in some sexual situations that are a bit outside of the norm, so he isn't as surprised to find himself enjoying the kinky encounters with April. 

What starts out as an impulsive, hard-to-be ignored sexual escapade quickly becomes more for April, and she soon learns to enjoy the freedom in letting Rogan take control.  But is it more than sex for the man she's coming to realize she may not want to do without?  Find out in GIVE IN TO ME.

Jennifer Bishop