HAVEN CREEK - Rochelle Alers
Cavanaugh Island , Book 3
Grand Central's Forever
ISBN-10: 1-455-50139-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-455-50139-7
June 2013
Contemporary Romance

Cavanaugh Island, South Carolina - The Present

When Kara Newell hired architect Morgan Dane to restore the plantation of Angel's Landing, Morgan left the company she worked for and opened her own architecture and design firm. Morgan has stayed on Cavanaugh Island because she always thought her school crush would move back and finally see her, the school wallflower, as a desirable woman. He has returned, but now Morgan is more interested in her career than some could-have-been daydream, or so she tries to believe. It's not like Nate Shaw was ever more than just kind to her while most of her male classmates were making fun of her physical appearance. Except, Nate is part of the Shaw family, which has been renowned for carpentry in South Carolina for over a hundred years, and Morgan needs his skill and talent for her Angel's Landing project.

Nate left Cavanaugh Island to get away from his family, especially his stepmother. His marriage to a celebrity model has ended due to her publicly proclaimed infidelity. Nate has sold his part of the business to his partner and moved back to Haven Creek. His younger brother, who is on probation, needs his help, as does his ailing father. He isn't interested in, and doesn't want, another disastrous relationship—yet he finds Morgan Dane an irresistible temptation.

Many characters from SANCTUARY COVE and ANGELS LANDING show up in this third volume of the Cavanaugh Island series. HAVEN CREEK is another story about overcoming love's setbacks, and the interaction in difficult family relationships. It is just as entertaining as the previous volumes. Most of the tension is emotional—that between Morgan and Nate, and that between Nate and his stepmother. It is a strong story, and the secondary characters like Francine, Morgan's best friend and psychic; David, the lawyer; and Nate's family members, add both community structure and their interesting, eccentric personalities. More history of this African American community on Cavanaugh Island is revealed, and Cavanaugh Island has an appealing population who show all of humanity's virtues and vices, some very humorous, some wrenching. Readers will enjoy returning to this setting and Nate and Morgan's love story.

Robin Lee