A Lone Star Witch , Book 1
Signet Eclipse
ISBN-10: 0451415043
ISBN-13: 978-0451415042
February 2013
Paranormal Romance

Austin, Texas 2013

Xandra Morgan thinks she's a failure to her family. Born the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, Xandra should be endowed with amazing powers; instead, her magic has yet to appear at nineteen. On her coming out party, she is humiliated in front of her royal parents and the rest of her coven when the spell she tries to conjure for the audience fails miserably. Frustrated and embarrassed, Xandra runs off into the woods and finds herself lakeside, in the company of powerful warlock Declan Chumomisto. There is something magical about being near him, but Xandra pushes that thought away. Eight years later, she's sure there is something between them, though, when they discover a dead girl, after Xandra experiences the death first hand in her mind. This is not how she wants her powers coming to her.

In the meantime, her mother is trying every possible way to kick-start Xandra's magic, including hiring a "witch whisperer". Xandra returns to Austin where she owns a trendy coffee shop, hoping all of this will just go away. But when she finds another body, in the same circumstances as the first one, and comes away with mysterious bruises and cuts, Xandra knows that her powers have emerged, and she has no way of knowing how to control them. Plus the fact that Declan is connected to this death also sets her teeth on edge. He seems so concerned and protective of her, but is it for real?

SOULBOUND is an excellent beginning to Tessa Adams's new Lone Star Witch books. Xandra is perfectly happy not having powers, but when they do come to her, she's completely unprepared. How can she trust Declan? He appears and disappears at inconvenient times, and always seems to be hovering in the background of her life. When yet another death drives her around the bend, Xandra needs to find guidance.

A thrilling mystery, as well as a growing romance, SOULBOUND will be difficult for readers to put down! Danger seems to stalk Xandra, and her doubts about Declan niggle at her. Secondary characters are very important as some will help Xandra, and others may not. Red herrings are everywhere.

Told in Xandra's words, this is an outstanding, well written novel that will keep readers riveted.

Jani Brooks