PROMISE ME YOU - Marina Adair
Raising Kane Series
 – Book 1
Montlake Romance 
ISBN: 978-1-5039-0354-8
October 2018
Contemporary Romance 

Nashville, Tennessee – Present Day

Mackenzie Hart had a best friend in musician-singer Hunter Kane. Together they wrote award-winning songs, songs that made the country music Hunter Kane Band famous. Actually she loved Hunter, but knew he didn't see her that way. She stayed for his wedding's rehearsal dinner and then disappeared out of his life to face the difficulties mounting in her own. Even though she hasn't seen Hunter in three years, she continues to write great songs for him under the name Mack and Muttley. Brody Kane, Hunter's cousin and agent, remains her friend and agent with a pledge to keep her anonymity. Actually, Muttley is her guide dog, a very large poodle/mastiff mix who is still working on his guide dogs skills. Due to a dysfunctional gene inherited from her mother, Mackenzie is blind like her mother before she died. She knows the care her mother needed and is determined not to be dependent on anyone, although her 69 year old neighbor, Arthur, helps her. Tia Flynn, the manager of Bark ‘N' Bean café, helped train Muttley. She is Mackenzie's health-care advocate who helps Mackenzie adjust to her new life. Even with Tia's help, Mackenzie has become very isolated.

Hunter Kane is now divorced. His marriage lasted about a year. Long tours kept him away from home and drove his wife away. His 4 th  album also flopped. Except for two very successful singles by the reclusive writers Mack & Muttley. He wants them to write his next album and is determined to talk with them. When he forces Brody to disclose the writers' identities, his life, previously focused on his band's success in sales, road tours, and performances, changes. He originally backed off from Mackenzie because of their music collaboration and relationship. Now the unknown Arthur's presence in her life disturbs him. It seems he loses everyone he loves, from his alcoholic dad to Trouble (his nick-name for Mackenzie) to his ex-wife.

Both Hunter and Mackenzie want to stand on their own. Loneliness and neediness can have a debilitating effect on any relationship. Luckily his uncle took Hunter in and helped raise him after he escaped his alcoholic father, but Mackenzie wasn't so lucky. They both become successful, but both need more in their lives—each other. Yet change is difficult for both. The story is full of great characters, including Muttley, and reads fast with both sassy and serious dialogue. Readers will relate to the emotions all the way through, which will drive them to know how the situation resolves itself. 

Robin Lee