WHITE HEAT - Cherry Adair
T-Flac series , Book 1
 Ballantine Books - Hardcover
 ISBN-13: 978-0-345-47644-9
 July 2007
 Romantic Suspense
 Florence, Italy - Present Day
 Max Aries finds out from a message on his cell phone that his sperm donor, or father, Daniel Aries, died three weeks ago. Max is an operative for T-FLAC, a private anti-terrorist group, and travels around the world, ready at a moment's notice to face whatever trouble is brewing.  Daniel and his connection to Max were totally forgettable, but Emily's voice brings to mind their four-day fling a year earlier. That was the only time Max ever asked a favor of Daniel, to get him invited to a society party where he could make a connection for work. Emily was Max's date to the party, and the sparks flew between them, and what followed was inevitable. Daniel was Emily's painting mentor, and she believed every disparaging thing he told her about his son Max. After the sex-filled days with Emily, Max casually walked away, back to T-FLAC and another operation, another job, someone else's life to save. It's what Max is good at; he loves his job, and no one is changing his life, least of all a woman.
 Daniel paid for Emily's art education, and she is a very well known art restorer and copier of Old Masters for rich people's collections. Emily just doesn't understand Max's hatred of his father, but when an attempt is made on her life, he is the only person with the experience to keep her alive. Max must find out the connection between Daniel and Emily's art restoration work and The Black Rose terrorist group.
 Max has always despised Daniel, and when Emily calls to tell him of his death, he is barely interested. But his short fling with Emily a year before piques his interest enough to pay a visit...and lands him right in the middle of terrorists determined to kill her. Emily acted totally out of character a year before with Max, and it's taken all that time to continue with her life, until her mentor and friend Daniel dies. Then, when her "almost" fiancé and his family are murdered, Max and his team must try to determine who is behind the violence and why.
 Cherry Adair has produced a continuing series of books featuring T-FLAC and the men and women who work every day to save the world. With a consistent level of excellence, Ms. Adair brings Max and Emily to life and draws us into their world of danger and mystery. Told from Max's and Emily's points of view, these are two people with difficult family relationships and who basically have gone through life alone. But the sexual chemistry between them is hard to deny, even though Max tries hard to ignore it. T-FLAC is all he needs in his life...isn't it?
 Secondary characters include members of Max's T-FLAC team, several of whom sound interesting enough to deserve their own stories. But Daniel and his life and history are at the center of the story. Was he misunderstood, or is he at the crux of what is happening?
 WHITE HEAT is full of spice and action, and surprises are in store for everyone. Rejoin T-FLAC and its sexy, hard working operatives again and enjoy a summer read sure to get the blood flowing and the imagination racing.
 Carolyn Crisher