NIGHT FALL – Cherry Adair
T-Flac series, #13
A Perfect 10
ISBN: 978-0-345-49990-5
October 2008
Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Mallaruza, Central West Africa – Present Day

It might've been a vacation on the surface, but T-FLAC/psi operative Simon Blackthorne is there at the behest of his college buddy, now Mallaruzan president, Abioyne Bongani.  An unknown wizard of unexplainable powers is hovering around the country and, quite frankly, is making Abi nervous.  Now, to the layman, wizards are creatures of myth, but Simon and Abi both know they truly exist, because if there is no such thing as wizards, then Simon is a figment of the imagination as well.  But the way Blackthorne figures it, he can do a little investigating and enjoy a vacation at the same time.  When was the last time he had one of those?

When Simon meets Abi's publicist, Kess Goodall, his first thought is she's not a woman he'd usually be attracted to.  But there's something about the redhead that strikes a nerve, and it's not just her humanitarianism and desire to do right for the people in Africa .  All senses are on high alert, and Simon realizes that he may have trouble on his hands if she stays in his radar.  When he hears that Abi wants him to accompany Kess on her return trip to a medical aid camp, Simon prepares for the worst, thinking that the best thing that could happen to them is a night in the sack.  But the trip turns into a nightmarish journey when they realize that a mysterious virus is not only killing African people, but the doctors and medical team that Kess was working with to treat the ill have been heinously murdered.

Kess Goodall may only be a publicist, but she's found her niche working alongside the medical teams caring for the dying and ill who suffer from an unknown virus that has already killed too many.  In Abi, she finds a president who not only wants to honestly bring central West Africa up in the world, but watches helplessly as his people die.  Needless to say, she's his number one fan.  But his college friend, Simon, is another matter entirely.  There's just something… off about him, something she can't put her finger on (although she'd have no trouble letting her fingers do the walking), and she feels out of sorts around him.

And this is where I'm at a loss.  How do I, a simple reviewer, try to summarize a book that touched me in so many ways?  Where do I even begin to start?  Cherry Adair has scored many fans with her T-FLAC/psi series, and although this book is a branch off of the original books, NIGHT FALL can be read on its own.  It's been a long time since I read an Adair book, and although I'm beating myself up for that, I had no trouble whatsoever jumping right in and enjoying a helluva ride.  The book has all of the makings of a Perfect 10, and I'll tell you why:  with every flip of the page, the reader will be drawn into tightly woven suspense that includes an element of paranormal fiction.  The heady sexual tension and romance that is an earmark of just about any Adair book is not only elemental, but prominent as well without detracting from the suspense.

NIGHT FALL, in my opinion, is romantic suspense done right with the paranormal enhancing the story.  It's the perfect blend of every one of my favorite romance fiction genres.

And now I'll stop before I go all fan-girl on the author.  While I love my favorite authors, I don't want to freak them out…<g>  Just go buy the book!

Amy Cunningham