EDGE OF FEAR - Cherry Adair
Edge Series , Book 2
Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0-345-48521-1
August 2006
Paranormal Romantic Suspense

San Francisco, California and Matera, Italy - Present Day (sort of)

Ever since he caught a stray bullet in the knee fighting terrorists, T-FLAC psi agent Caleb Edge has been dying to get out of physical therapy and back into the field.  When he's assigned to watch Heather Shaw and find out if she knows her father's current location, he knows it's a pansy job, but since it gets him out of the hospital, he'll take it.  Caleb is not prepared for the direct hit to the solar plexus his first sight of Heather brings.  His first thought is MINE!

Heather Shaw changed her name to Hannah Smith when she ran from the sight of her father standing over her mother's dead body.  She'd like to believe him that it was an accident, but learning that Brian Shaw is, in actuality, a banker to all manner of terrorist organizations makes it a really hard sell.  When her bodyguards are killed, Heather learns very quickly how to stand on her own two feet and hide from her pursuers.

One of Caleb's psychic powers is to reverse time and re-write history.  And he definitely needs it when he tries to get close to Heather and she's initially having none of it.  Caleb eventually finds the right approach and, before he knows it, he and Heather are burning up the sheets.  But will one night of fun be enough for these two?  And will Caleb ever admit his assignment and knowledge of her past to Heather?

A thrilling sequel to EDGE OF DANGER, EDGE OF FEAR takes readers on a wild and bumpy ride with the middle Edge brother, Caleb.  As a result of a curse set on the Edge family five hundred years ago, no Edge ancestor has had a happy and long life with their soul mate.  The three current Edge brothers made a pact to have the curse die with them, but fate has another plan and Caleb is about to meet his future.

Author Cherry Adair does it again with a fabulously entertaining and action-filled tale that readers won't want to put down until the very last page.  Caleb is the typical alpha male, but Heather is equally as strong a character, and she doesn't take a back seat in their relationship.  Secondary characters are comprised mainly of Caleb's T-FLAC compatriots, although there is an additional small stranger who makes repeated figurative appearances and basically steals the show.

This sequel definitely lives up to the promise of the first book, and I can't wait to read the third story in the trilogy, EDGE OF DARKNESS, due out in September.

Kathy Samuels