Edge Series , Book 3
ISBN: 0-345-48522-X
September 2006
Paranormal Romance

London, New York, Schpotistan - Present Day

When Duncan Edge gets a message from Henry Morgan, Head of the Wizards Council, to "stop her, protect her", Duncan sends some of his T-FLAC agents to secretly watch Serena Campbell, Henry's godchild.  Unfortunately, a wizard herself, Serena quickly notices her shadows and sends them back to Duncan with a very candid message.  But Duncan 's not about to be dissuaded and decides to take personal control of the situation.  Having grown up with Serena and still harboring an unfulfilled attraction to her, Duncan knows he has to be careful with the family Curse still hanging over his head.

Serena Campbell is on the edge of a breakthrough.  She and her team are about to make a major discovery that may help to cure world hunger.  Henry was the head of the project, and his heart attack has set them back, but they are still on the cusp.  Between that and her ongoing battle with her deceased husband's children about money, Serena has more than enough on her plate.  Duncan Edge is a distraction she does not need, especially since he makes her nervous, and, when she's nervous, she can't control her powers.

As kids in wizard school, Serena and Duncan were extremely competitive and that hasn't changed now that they are both up for Head Wizard.  Although it's a role Duncan has always aspired to and one Serena never wanted, she's not about to just let him win.  Dealing with that, a rogue wizard on the loose murdering other wizards and absorbing their powers, and everything else going on in their lives, can Duncan and Serena fight their way through the morass?  Will love win out over Nairne's Curse?

The final book in the Edge trilogy, EDGE OF DARKNESS is just as fantastic a read as the previous two books and features the last of the three brothers who put the 'A' in alpha.  Duncan Edge's main power is fire, earning him the nickname, Hot Edge, from the ladies for more reasons than one.  Duncan has always excelled at everything he's tried, but somehow he's always known that Serena has the potential to be the downfall of his uncommitted existence.  Serena has had a crush on Duncan since they were in school, but the sparks they struck off of each other often ended in fury on her part.  A beautiful and accomplished woman, Serena is his perfect mate, if he'll allow her to be.  Fire and water generally don't mix, but with these two, the storm they generate is unstoppable.

Beyond the two engaging protagonists, EDGE OF DARKNESS brings together the other two stories in the trilogy, which are all effectively occurring at the same time.  Readers will finally get to see the conclusion of the two plots that underlie the trilogy -- Nairne's Curse and the rogue wizard.  Humor, magic, and suspense are at the heart of this series, and author Cherry Adair does a wonderful job of weaving them into not-to-be-forgotten stories.

Heroes to fantasize about and heroines to cheer for abound in the Edge series, not the least of whom are Duncan and Serena in EDGE OF DARKNESS.  Pick up your copy today.

Kathy Samuels