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ROGUE JUSTICE - Stacey Abrams
Avery Keene #2
A Perfect 10
ISBN: 9780385548328 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 9780385548335 (ebook)
May 2023

Washington, D.C. - Present Day

In an office building in Johannesburg, South Africa, secrecy is of utmost importance. The entrepreneur who runs the entire enterprise known as Mamiwata, controls the entire process, with fingers throughout the world. But Hayden Burgess is mostly concerned about the United States, where the Supreme Court just denied her petition. She is preparing to begin a process to rectify this. 

In Washington, D.C. Avery Keene, Supreme Court Justice Howard Wynn's clerk, is living in limbo since the judge is now in a coma. Shockingly, to Avery as well as others, she has been given his power of attorney, and her discoveries of the justice's findings about the President of the United States have left the country in turmoil. Impeachment hearings commence after President Brandon Stokes is removed from office when the 25th Amendment is invoked. For Avery, she is either a heroine or a villain, depending upon the political party. 

When Avery receives a call from Stokes' closest confidante, Major Vance, who disappeared as soon as the horrible deeds attributed to Stokes were revealed, she wonders why she has been targeted. He offers a warning about someone who has infiltrated the federal court system. Avery is angered by his warning and tells him so. Vance assures her that he trusts her to follow through. 

Sent to a conference by the Chief Justice, Avery is approached by a man who thrusts a ream of files, and a burner phone into her arms, telling her that his boss, a Federal judge committed suicide, and he knows there is more to her death. Shocked, Avery attempts to follow the man, but he is killed before she can get to him. What she finds in the phone and the files stuns her, and somehow she must find out   what kind of danger the country is in before anything happens. But who will believe her? She is persona non grata in D.C. these days. 

To say ROGUE JUSTICE is a page turner is putting it mildly. Once readers get the gist of the story, and it happens quite quickly, it's nearly impossible to put this book down. Book two with Avery Keene as the lead character, ROGUE JUSTICE continues the story in the previous book, WHILE JUSTICE SLEEPS, concerning a president with low scruples, and a band of friends and advisors around Avery who appreciate her intelligence, and honor. There is much that is topical to today's news, and the intricate system enabled by Hayden Burgess is scarily relevant. 

A Perfect 10 in every way, ROGUE JUSTICE is an amazing read.

Jani Brooks

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